IPMS Vancouver
IPMS Vancouver is one of two chapters in the lower mainland, the Fraser Valley Chapter being the younger sibling. 
Although IPMS is often associated with contests in the mind of the uninitiated modeller, the club actually exists to give modellers a place to meet and share their knowledge and enjoyment of their hobby. 
IPMS Vancouver allows modellers to meet with others that take their hobby seriously. The club meetings focus on allowing members to learn, to share and to inform others of techniques, background information or news within the hobby. Many members bring models, complete or in progress, to the meetings. In contrast, many members are not comfortable bringing their projects into the club. 
This does not mean that their model is of a lesser caliber than those that appear, but rather that the modeller may be too self-conscious to bring something of his to a meeting. Regardless, modellers of both types are appreciated and encouraged within the club. 

Club Meetings
Club meetings follow a flexible but familiar agenda. 
·         The members gather from 7:00 pm and social interaction at a lively pace ensues as members catch up with each others’ projects, seek advice, check out the items brought for display, etc. 
         Door prize tickets are sold at each meeting and everyone bringing in a model or work in progress is given a free ticket.  Door prize tickets are drawn towards the end of the meeting and winners choose a prize from an eclectic array of prizes comprised mainly of kits of all kinds. 
         At approximately 7:45 the meeting is called to order by the club president who updates the members with any news, correspondence or requests from other clubs, and general club business. 
         The meeting then moves onto the main activity for the evening.  A club member, or occasionally a member from an outside club, will give a demonstration or talk on a model related subject. This can be a slide show, an open floor discussion or an actual hands-on demonstration of a specific technique. 
         If one of the club’s annual contests, one of the "big mouth" or "kit of the year" competitions, is to be judged that night, this will happen towards the end of the meeting. 
Scheduled Events
·         January                   Auto Big Mouth Competition
         February                 Annual Members’ Swap Meet
         April                        Aircraft Big Mouth Competition
         July                         Armour Big Mouth Competition
         September             Kit of the Year
         October                  Fall Show Post Mortem
         December              Year End Party
Annual Events & Contests

October-IPMS Vancouver Fall Model Contest
IPMS Vancouver’s Fall Show & Swap Meet, a model competition and swap meet, takes place on the Saturday of the October long weekend.  The October long weekend occurs on the second Monday of October.  This means that the Show is usually on the second Saturday of October but, depending on the year, can be on the first one.  Please check the actual date on the Fall Show page.
The Show is held at the Bonsor Recreation Complex in Burnaby, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  The main show room is closed to everyone but judges between 3 and 4 pm for final judging and ribbon placement. The event is not limited to IPMS members. Anyone can come and view the show. Additionally, anyone can enter a kit to be judged, the objective is for the best kit in a category to win, not the best kit built by an IPMS member. 

·         This is the event of the year for modellers in the greater Vancouver area. The show attracts modellers from Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. Recent Shows have had around 500 kits entered in dozen’s of trophy or ribbon categories. 
         Several other modelling clubs are involved, sponsoring trophies, door prizes, and volunteering to judge or just helping out. 
         Most of the hobby shops in the lower mainland contribute to the show, sponsoring trophies or donating door prizes. Several manufacturers and suppliers also contribute. There is a vendor room with tables set up in flea market fashion. 
         Door prizes, largely donated by hobby shops and suppliers to the industry, are given out during the day. 
         At the end of the day, awards and special prizes are handed out and the winning models are photographed for the clubs archives. 
February - IPMS Vancouver Annual Swap meet
The February meeting is devoted to the club’s annual swap meet. Members bring kits they wish to trade or sell and set them up on the tables in our meeting room. This is about the most informal meeting that will be held during the year. 
January, April & July - The Big Mouth Contests
These are annual events, judged every January (Auto), April (Aircraft), July (Armour), that focuses on basic model building skills. IPMS rules for “Out of the Box” models apply.  Theyear’s winner chooses the subject that will be modelled for the next year. 
The subject for the coming big mouths are: 
·         Aircraft             April  -  Macchi 200 Saetta, 202 Folgore and 205 Veltro. Any kit, any scale. 
         Armour            July  - Non self propelled artillery
·         Automotive     January  -  Any Porsche
Any finished model kit can be entered so long as it meets the IPMS Out of the Box rules which prohibit aftermarket detail parts, scratch-building or conversions. Members compete on a voluntary basis. Depending on the anticipated number of entries, one month before judging the Aircraft and Armour categories, kits entered are put on display at one of the local hobby shops so that the modelling public can vote on the subjects.  The trophy goes to the kit that gets the most votes overall. 
September - Kit of the Year
Like the big mouth, this is an annual event. The only requirement is that the model being entered must have been brought to a regular club meeting in the past 12 months in some sort of in-progress or finished state. The subject is up to the builder, who can enter as many kits as he or she wishes, as long as the meeting rule is met.  Again, entry is voluntary.  Members vote on the kits entered to determine who takes home the trophy. 

It’s simple, you just come to a meeting.  First time attendee’s are not required to join. Everybody gets into their first meeting at no charge so that they can see what the club is about.  Thereafter, non-members are required to pay a $2.00 drop-in fee. 
There are three types of annual membership

·         Junior, $10 for members 16 years of age and younger
         Adult, $25 for modelers over 16. 
         Family, $30 for members with more than one modeler in the family. 
Annual membership entitles member to the following. 
·         A 10-15% discount on kit purchases at participating hobby shops, please see "Participating Sponsors" on
the drop down menu
         Entrance to all club meetings in the calendar year but not the Fall Show. 
Please note that just because you belong to IPMS Vancouver doesn't necessarily mean you will get a
discount, it is the retailers discretion.

IPMS Vancouver Executive
Club President - Talino Bruno

Club Treasurer - Brian Birk
Club Membership - Brian Herrin
Demonstrations - Rob Tittle
Door Prizes - George Tufnail

IPMS Vancouver Fall Model Show & Display Chairman - Talino Bruno
Head Judge - Talino Bruno
Vendors Room & Tables - Ross Hillman
Sponsorship Relations - Brian Herrin
Internet Relations - Chris Cowx
Signage/Poster Design - 


Mailing Address

Talino Bruno

#320 7155 Kingsway

Burnaby  BC

V5E 2V1