About IPMS Vancouver

IPMS Vancouver is a chapter of IPMS Canada and one of two chapters in the lower mainland, the Fraser Valley Chapter being the younger sibling.

Although IPMS is often associated with contests in the mind of the uninitiated modeller, the club actually exists to give modellers a place to meet and share their knowledge and enjoyment of their hobby.

IPMS Vancouver allows modellers to meet with others that take their hobby seriously. The club meetings focus on allowing members to learn, to share and to inform others of techniques, background information or news within the hobby. Many members bring models, complete or in progress, to the meetings. In contrast, many members are not comfortable bringing their projects into the club.

This does not mean that their model is of a lesser caliber than those that appear, but rather that the modeller may be too self-conscious to bring something of his to a meeting. Regardless, modellers of both types are appreciated and encouraged within the club.

Annual Events & Contests

IPMS Vancouver Fall Model Contest

IPMS Vancouver Annual Swap meet

IPMS Vancouver “Big Mouth” Competitions

Club Meetings and Events

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