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January 17th meeting cancelled due to bad weather

Hello all,

After a good consultation with several members it was decided to cancel the January meeting this Friday.  The weather does not seem to be cooperative and we do have some members that come quite a distance over roads which are presently in poor condition.

So – No meeting this Friday.  The Auto Bigmouth will shift to March so you have two more months to get your entry ready.

February meeting is scheduled as a swap/sell meeting and the rule is members only can sell but anyone can buy.  We will use the 2019 membership list as those eligible to sell.

Memberships will be available at the next meeting (February).  The rate is on our website – Google IPMS Vancouver and see what Jay Holtslander has set up.

See you all next month.  Stay safe out there!  The mess isn’t over yet.


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So, no meeting Jan.17. (Know, I showed up, nobody there.) Is there a meeting this evening (Jan. 24), or no meeting until February? Ive been trying to make it to a meeting so I can join the club, but it seems that this is the third month in a row the meeting has been canceled or re-schduled.

Hi Mel,

Our Christmas (December) meeting is usually disrupted by holiday plans at the Community Centre. The January meeting is the first one I have actually seen cancelled in ten years. The February meeting is going ahead on the third Friday of the month as is our norm. I hope you can connect with us now. I will be selling memberships at the meeting.

This website is a new addition so perhaps we will be in touch more regularly.


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