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[Updated] Regarding the Covid-19 situation

Hi Folks,

Bonsor Community Centre is now shut down due to Coronavirus concerns. As such, the March 20th 2020 meeting is now cancelled. More information in regards to the regularly scheduled Big Mouth competition’s status will be provided at a later date.

Also of note is the IPMS Seattle’s Spring Show has been cancelled. Further details can be found here.

Regarding the Covid-19 situation, the Executive have been discussing our options as to whether or not to cancel next week’s meeting.

The facts at this time are:

  • the virus is spreading,
  • there is considerable anxiety in the community with many events being canceled.


  • there is no official ban on small meetings in the Vancouver area,
  • Bonsor continues to operate,
  • the meeting room is open and paid for.

Therefore, we have decided that next week’s meeting, March 20, will not be an official meeting in that there will not be any special activity or demonstration or Big Mouth Competition (hang onto your auto entries until this problem passes). So the meeting room will be open as usual for those who wish to gather for an informal social time with like-minded modellers.

As Brian will be away at this time memberships will not be sold on March 20th.

Wash your hands.

Executive Committee

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