“Kit of the Year” competition


Like the “Big Mouth“, this is an annual event. The only requirement is that the model being entered must have been brought to a regular club meeting in the past 12 months in some sort of in-progress or finished state.

The subject is up to the builder, who can enter as many kits as he or she wishes, as long as the meeting rule is met.  Again, entry is voluntary.

Members vote on the kits entered to determine who takes home the trophy. Last chance for bragging rights.

Previous “Kit of the Year ” winners

2019 – Peter Hickey
2018 – Stewart Goodfellow(sp)
2017 – Stewart Goodfellow(sp)
2016 – Brian Birk?
2015 – Steve S
2014 – Brian Birk
2012 – Steve Scanlon
2011 – Robert Sitek
2010 – Peter Hickey
2009 – Talino Bruno

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