“Out of the Box” rules

Below are the rules we go by for both our “Out of the Box” competitions and our “Big Mouth” competitions.

Out of the Box is meant to provide a forum for modellers who do not wish to make alterations or add additional details to a model.

Out of the box means that you have built the kit using only the parts in the box without alteration or addition, following the assembly instructions provided by the kit manufacturer.

OUT-OF-THE-BOX entries will be governed by the following rules: 

  • KITS. Any commercially available kit may be used. 
  • FINISH. All finishing techniques are allowed. Decals other than those included with the kit may be used. Insignia, markings, and instrument panels may be hand-painted instead of decaled. Weathering is permitted. 
  • CONSTRUCTION. The modeller may:
    • fill seams, gaps, sink holes or ejection pin holes. 
    • sand off rivets and imperfections in the moldings
    • drill out gun ports, gun barrels, air intakes, vents, exhaust pipes or other appropriate openings
    • thin to scale such parts as trailing edges, flaps, hatches and doors, etc. 
    • add rigging and antennas
    • add simple tape or decal seat belts in the cockpit of an aircraft
    • or the interior of a vehicle (NO commercial or modeller-manufactured hardware e.g., buckles etc.).
    • vacuform, manufacture, or replace any part, or substitute parts from another kit; cut or separate canopies, surfaces, hatches, doors, etc. (no major surgery); 
    • combine a standard kit with a conversion kit; add anything other than specified on the instruction sheet except as specified in ‘CONSTRUCTION’ above. 
  • INSTRUCTION SHEETS: Modellers must attach the kit instruction sheet to the entry form to provide evidence of compliance with the rules of the category. Models entered without the ability of the Judges to refer to the instruction sheet will not be considered for an award.